In my previous post, I was talking about the importance of accessibility in today’s digital development world. Here are some tips you can easily take note of in your design process for a starting point:

– Use strong contrast between the design objects and the background. I admit sometimes similar colour combination produces good visual output, low contrast content may not be visible especially for those with amblyopia.
– Use text in addition to the colour coding. Using different colours to represent different categories of elements is a classic trick, but sometimes it’s difficult for people with colour blindness to tell the difference.
– Include the option of adjusting font sizes or colour contrast especially for services that have elderly user groups. Small texts may look nice to us but it adds to the difficulty of reading these texts for the elderly generations. Adding such an option may seem small but it can sometimes be a life-saver for them.

These tips are only starters of designing for accessibility. It is a heavy and big topic but the entire product development team should always put it in the back of our mind to make our product for everyone.


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