The User Dilemma with New Apps and the Power of a Good Setup Wizard

Venturing into a new app can often feel daunting for users. The underlying hesitation usually stems from the anticipation of a steep learning curve. How can we counter this mindset and offer a smooth experience for first-timers?

The Role of an Intuitive Setup Wizard
One effective solution is to employ an intuitive setup wizard. A well-designed wizard functions as a user’s guide, helping them swiftly and confidently navigate the app without feeling overwhelmed. It effectively acts as an orientation tool for your new community members.

Effective Design Tips for a Seamless Setup Wizard:

  1. Simplify Choices for New Users:
    Picture yourself in an upscale Italian eatery, confronted with a menu written entirely in Italian. Instead of blindly choosing a dish, you’d likely rely on the waiter’s recommendation or the chef’s special. In a similar vein, inundating new app users with a plethora of choices can be off-putting. Offering limited, well-curated options or guiding them to default settings helps them ease into the app without the fear of unintended consequences.
  2. Reevaluate the Need for Titles in Conversation Bubbles:
    While titles can offer clarity, they aren’t universally necessary. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing titled bubbles in platforms like the Windows operating system. However, in many cases, they can be more of a distraction than an aid. It’s essential to be discerning about where and when to use them.
  3. Downplay the ‘Skip’ Button:
    It’s a digital age reflex – spotting a ‘skip’ button often leads to an almost automatic click. As designers, while it’s important to provide a way out for users, the ‘skip’ button shouldn’t be the most prominent feature. When users bypass essential information, they could miss out on integral setup steps, hampering their overall experience.

In conclusion, the key lies in crafting an engaging, user-friendly setup wizard. By understanding and addressing common user apprehensions, designers can create a welcoming onboarding experience, increasing the likelihood of user retention.


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