UX design is important in the development of its website or application.
The user experience is nowadays an important factor to take into account in the
development of a website.Indeed, UX design is more and more considered in the marketing strategy of companies.
55% of companies are currently conducting user experience tests. This notion is essential to
understand and to work on if you want to develop your digital strategy.

What is UX?

The user experience (UX) includes all aspects aimed at improving the experience of a user
on a platform. Ergonomics, ease of use, accessibility, interaction, design, all these terms
allow the user to feel positive emotions.The objective of UX design on a website is to propose a clear, efficient and accessible
customer journey, not on the company but on the user.

How to improve it to make your UI better?


1 – Know who your users are

In the user experience, many people forget the word “user”. However, the user is at the
center of the UX design. The goal of your site is to give your visitors what they are looking
for, that is to say positive emotions and answers.
For this, it is imperative to know your target on the fingertips. By knowing precisely what their
tastes are, their age, their social background, their profession, etc. you will be able to create
an interface design that speaks to them.

2 – Create simple pages

When we design a website, we tend to want to add a lot of animations, functionalities, colors,
and in the end, visually overload the pages. The important thing here is to create pages that
your users can understand at a glance. Don’t hesitate to play with empty space, this will
highlight your content and keep your visitors focused.
The important thing is to keep your communication simple to maximize your users’

3 – Create effective calls to action

The primary objective of a website is to convert your leads, your visitors into customers. You
may have a website with a well-designed graphic design, an optimal user experience and
even a well worked SEO, but if your calls to action are not highlighted, you will not get any

4 – Have a site adapted for phones and tablets

Your users probably use a smartphone or a tablet to browse the internet. To improve the
user experience of your website, it is absolutely essential to have a responsive website,
which adapts to all screen formats.
As for the loading speed, if one of your users goes on your site or application while it is not
adapted for the smallest formats, they will not be satisfied with the user experience you offer
them. So make sure you have a website with a perfectly responsive web design.

5- Offer quality content

Some may think that the quality of the content is only for SEO. Only quality content is meant
to give the user what he is looking for. And by doing that you give your user answers.
The idea here is to cover as many topics as possible in your field of activity. By doing this,
you will be able to make sure that your users find what they are looking for on your site.

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