Product managers must already be aware of the importance of the (UI) user interface and (UX) user experience. UX, though, is more important. And why is that? Here is an analysis of both.

To begin, here’s an overview of both designs, which will demonstrate why UX is more crucial than UI.

What Is UX?

User experience design mainly refers to how a user feels when using a web application. A website provides an excellent user experience as long as it is simple and hassle-free for them.

What Is UI?

A user interface (UI) refers to a system and a user interacting with each other through commands or techniques. Simply put, it is a web application’s style, layout, and product appearance.

How Is UX More Important?

Thinking about it will make it evident that while a poor website layout may still be overlooked, a poor user experience will ruin the entire purpose of the product.

A good UX will meet a customer’s needs. Therefore, a smooth experience for the users is fundamental for a product’s success in the market. Furthermore, an efficient UX layout can be seen to provide a competitive advantage for the company and added value to users.

It goes without saying that an aesthetically appealing website is crucial for customers to visit; therefore, UI is important as well, but it comes after UX. Even a good user interface will fall short if it cannot satisfy client needs.

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