ACS Membership 2.0

American Chemical Society was founded in 1876 and chartered by the U.S. Congress. Their mission is to advance the education of chemistry to the promising youngsters in all over the world. The client was seeking a complete re-design of their new membership model, including both the front and the back end. The new Membership model is a wide range of applications hosted centrally using Magento and NetForum. The accessibility and security were also a primary part of the design solutions considering the scope of ACS users.

Section One

User flows

They say design is like art. But a lot of the times it’s like a combination of art and logic. The user flow is to clear out the connection between each function, and then the creativity shines.

Section Two

Feature List

There are lots of minor functions besides the major ones. Listing them all out so that we don’t miss a single.

Section Three


Wireframes are probably the best way to communicate with the clients. It lies in the centre for iterations in the design process of ACS.

Section Four

Mobile Mockups

The newly designed system is perfectly adapted with the mobile platform. It combines functionality, aesthetics and portability.

Section Five

Web Application

A smart use of colours and illustrations definitely adds on to the overall digital experience