Chai Kumar, Sydney Australia

The founder of Chai Kumar needed a brand that looks elegant, that respects the values of the Authentic Indian Tea. Getting Authentic Indian Tea in Australia is difficult. Sourcing from the tea gardens of Assam, Chai Kumar creates their one of a kind blend with the addition of some secret spices!

Section One

Brand Identity Design

After a bunch of different logo designs, we finalised on one design, along with a few brand elements to be used consistently throughout the branding.

Section Two

Logo Reveal Animation

An animation of chai filling into the shape of the logotype give a great character & brand recall value increases at the same time. This is used at many places in the identity system, starting with the preloader for the website.

Section Three

Packaging Design

We wanted a package for the product that’s transparent about the quality (pun intended), so we designed a simple package design that keeps the tea fresh, increases the shelf life & makes is easy for the customers to see what they’re buying!

Section Four

Photoshoot & Photo Manipulation

We spent a lot of time creating the right visual system for the brand. That helps them grow their brand. Using the right brand colours of dark purple & chai, creates a strong visual identity.

Section Five

E-commerce Website Design & Development

We designed a clean modernist website for Chai Kumar, using the latest in technology. The website allows the user to look the product images, get all the information they need, add to cart, create an account, payment integration etc.

Check Out the Website
Section Six

Stationery Design

After Logo, animation, & online identity system, we created everything the branded need for offline communication. Business Cards, Menu Cards, Tent Cards, Letterheads to name a few.