Data Orchestration Platform

DOP is an online data integration platform that connects data analysers and providers exclusively in the domain of American Medicaid database. It has multiple affordances including data visualisation, analytics and data management that could help process and analyse databases in a more efficient manner. The client was looking to build a digital platform that integrates with tableau and AWS, which allows users to bring their own cloud computing tools with DOP.

Section One

User flows

Defining the user flow is like a map before a voyage. It gives us a clear mind before starting out the further design.

Section Two

Feature List

A feature list defines the goal. Listing down all the features so that you could carefully arrange and plan.

Section Three


An app is like a good rocket. You should always test it before launching!

Section Four

Web Application

This is only a glimpse of our hard work! Now the final UI mockups are ready to launch!