Insig is the back end system for Tia Health, a top online health care service provider in Canada.It is to create a more intuitive experience in terms of the backend for the doctors so that they could better make arrangements on their availability and schedule meetings with the patients.

Section One

User flows

Like always, we worked on the user flows for Insig to pave way for the bigger picture.

Section Two

Feature List

As the back end for only appointment booking for the doctors, Insig is a huge system. Listing out the feature list helps us understand what is required of us.

Section Three


An app is like a good rocket. You should always test it before launching!

Section Four

Mobile Mockups

Sometimes doctors access the system on their phones. It’s important for the responsive design to cater to all platforms.

Section Five

Web Application

Working on the web end definitely gave us more room to manoeuvre. And this is how it looks for the final products.