7 days to rebrand Minfy Tech!

With 350+ employees, Minfy Tech wanted a complete brand redesign & asked us if we can do it in just 7 days! AND of course, we said YES!

7 days of working till 4am in the morning, back & forth on design approvals, coding, animation, print & a lot of coffee later a new brand was born!

Section One

Logo Visualisation

As this is a corporate rebrand, we decided to play with the different typesets. The aim was to create something simple but with a subtle element that makes the logo unique.

Section Two


Minfy was using all stock icons, & hence had no consistency throughout the brand identity. We solved that by creating icons set which they can use at different parts of the brand, digital or print. Keep all of them precisely at the same line weight hence making all the icons look consistent!

Section Three

Print & Animation

A subtle animation which looks infinitely makes the whole brand get alive! It gives the new brand the character it needed. We designed a lot of documents they needed for an upcoming event, burning the midnight oil to get them right!

Section Four

Booth Design & Stationery

For an event just around the corner, we designed the booth to fit the new brand & also to launch the rebrand! This also required a few business cards that we created. To keep it a little playful we created 4 different versions of the business cards, which will be distributed between all the employees randomly.