TDR: An LA-based Global Media House

TDR Media is a Los Angeles based production house. Working with brands like AT&T, Doritos, LMU etc. they’ve created great emotionally moving content. TDR team consists of super creative filmmakers & top of the line management, giving them a fair advantage in this Industry.

Section One


Before starting the with the Identity drafts & spending so much time on ideas that might not fall in line with the Brand, we create a quick moodboard. This by no means is the final identity, but it gives a quick idea to the client of what direction we’re going in. Which helps in moulding the strong at a very early stage.

Section Two

Brand Audit, Interviews, Research

We had some long brainstorming sessions with the stakeholders. Which, almost always is super helpful for the client at the same time. As it makes sure everyone is on the same page. The result of which is a bunch of words which serve as the core Brand Values.

Section Three

Logo Ideation / Visualisation

Rapid Prototypes of the ideas are shared with the client. Usually a bunch of different ideas, a combination of safe options & crazy ones!

Section Four

Logo Reveal Animation

TDR might be the new player in town, but this little pebble will create huge waves in the ocean. This brand message was illustrated with the animation shown here. It’s used for the Intro of every video they create, & as a preloader of the website.

Section Five



Most of the web traffic these days is via mobile devices, so we made sure that the website adapts to every small screen without loss of any information, maintaining a clean & aesthetically pleasing website.

Check Out the Website
Section Six

Desktop Website

On the desktop version, we’ve used a fancy slider, to keep the user glued & encourage him to explore more of our projects.

Check Out the Website