Tia Health

Tia Health is a top online health care service provider in Canada. It is dedicated to making health care more accessible for everyone. Customers can easily book an appointment with the doctors available on Tia Health for an audio or video consultancy.

The client was seeking a complete re-design of their booking system in terms of its UX and UI to create a painless and enjoyable appointment booking experience for the end users.

Section One

User flows

Tia health is a big system! That’s why we need user flows to guide us through the upcoming user journey.

Section Two

Feature List

We noted all the features of Tia health so that we won’t miss anything in our final design.

Section Three


We have experimented lots and lots of methods for patients’ appointment. Out of them we have decided to go with the three column display.

Section Four

Mobile Mockups

The refined UI has become much cleaner and easier to use than the previous system!

Section Five

Web Application

This is the final look for Tia’s web page. A good combination of colours helps users navigate in the system much more effectively.