WTMC: a New York based Travel Management Company

Don’t forget to check out the website on a big screen to see how every animation transitions on your MOUSE SCROLL! You don’t want to miss out this one!

Section One

G to W Transition

The old school model followed across the ‘G’lobe with respect to the new age, modern ‘W’ model & how the transition flows. First, all the buildings & other objects were illustrated, after a lot of prototypes & iterations the final transition was coded in using SVG animation.

Building Illustrations

Section Two

The True Global Platform

This illustration & animation explains the inner working of the truly global platform. How these different parts of the world seamlessly integrate with the singular tech platform, & how data flows between them.

Section Three

Office Illustrations

All these illustrations were used across the brand to describe the process, from Front to Mid to Back office, along with the impact of Automation & Multitasking. These were used on every client related documents, pitch decks, invoices, website & practically everywhere needed!

Section Four

Icons for Various Departments

From top left: Sales, Finance, Admin/Infrastructure, Design, Development, Quality Control, TMC Services

Section Five

Careers Page Illustration

Illustration following the brand guidelines, showing an escalated growth, & how important it is. At W personal growth is at utmost priority. One of the most important brand values.

Section Six

Modes of Transport

Air, Water, Road & Rail. All the modes of transport were shown via these illustrations. W being a travel giant, needs these illustrations in practically every brand communication collateral, from website to Pitch decks, everything!

Section Seven

Navigation Concepts

More than 15 navigation concepts were created to depict various parts of the visual narrative that the website shows. The waterfall navigation as shown here, drop-fills the tube with letter signifying the respective sections, as the user scrolls through them

Section Eight

Industry Relations

WTMC’s Industry Relations are phenomenal. They’ve covered almost all the brands in the world for Air, Hotel, Ground & Rail. We decided to create a globe with the logos of all these brands & arrange with respect to colours, which gave rise to this OCD satisfying piece of artwork.