You might read about this in your design book that the design team is highly efficient.
They strictly follow the guidelines of all the popular design methods. Double diamond, think aloud, group brainstorming, storyboarding etc. They create products that the world is so crazy about.

Well, I have spent more than 15 years in the design industry, and here’s the hard truth. Those highly neat design stories are a refined version of the chaos the design team actually experienced. In the real design world, it’s a mess. There are rounds and rounds of brainstorming, feedback, and iterations. Sometimes you even have to jump out of everything you did for new ideas. Your whiteboards are full of sketches and scribblings.

But those messes don’t stop us from creating magic – Beautiful and easy-to-use products. We might not have the whole world to be crazy, but our target customers are super in love with our designs. So don’t be upset if your design team is not following the textbook steps. In the real digital world, it is creativity that matters the most for the end product.

I hope this was helpful.
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