Hi there!

Do you still remember my name and the company I run?

Now when you are trying to retrieve that information, you are using your working memory. And it usually won’t last several minutes. It uses energy to think.

Well, in the other case (video displaying the name and VAV), you won’t use any of your memory at all. It’s just right there. Simple as that.

See, this is one of the key tricks in user interface design. It’s called “Recognition Rather than Recall”. It is one of the ten principles in heuristics evaluations that designers use for usability. The tips you can use are to display key information, such as objects, previous selections, and options that users might use frequently during the interactions. So that when they use it, they won’t have to waste any energy thinking: Ummm, which option did I choose just now?

I hope this was helpful.
This is San, you were watching UX Tips at Void. See you in the next video.


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