Is Design more like Science or Art?

This question came to me one day when I was in the shower and I have been thinking about this for several weeks now. But before we answer this question, we need to take a step back and think about what makes science and art.

Science is logic, reasoning, induction, and deduction.

While Art is all about expressing yourself. You kind of just let the brain do its job. It’s Art if the artist calls it Art!

But design is a little bit of Both! There are lots of rules to follow. Usability, accessibility, quantitative and qualitative user research. But at the same time, you would also learn to improvise. It’s like playing the piano. You can play different chords and melodies but it is always confined to certain rules of music. It takes years of experience to have that intuition and learn the drill. I think that’s what it took for me, to be here. The mind to learn and the hand to do!

I hope this was helpful.
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